About Us


The Foundation was established to unify and support local clinicians and scientists to develop more accurate diagnostic tests and successful treatment strategies for patients with diseases of the urogenital system, particularly prostate cancer. Originally named the Virginia Prostate Center when founded by Dr. Paul Schellhammer, the foundation later expanded its scope to include other cancers and benign urological diseases. It has since gained acclaim by supporting researchers and educators at one of the nation’s largest urology practices and advancing the field of urology through the work of its world renowned physicians.

The Foundation later became the Schellhammer Urological Research Foundation to honor its founder, Paul Schellhammer MD, who remains active with the Foundation today. Funding from SURF enables researchers to focus on insights, inclusion and innovation.

Mission Statement

  • Support patient education and community outreach
  • Provide direct patient support that eliminates barriers to care
  • Advance innovative research by funding graduate medical research, expanding access to clinical trials and facilitating research opportunities
  • Fund humanitarian medical missions that serve some of the world’s neediest patients.

Who We Are

Funding from SURF enables researchers and physicians to focus on insights, inclusion and innovation, bringing the best to the future of urology.


When you donate to SURF, you’re helping patients and researchers right here in Hampton Roads.

Together we can improve the quality and quantity of life for patients with urological conditions, while advancing the field of urology and ending urological cancers.